Stories @ TCAT

2016 Outstanding Student of the Year Winner-Sonia Hayes

TCAT-Newbern recently held the 2016 Outstanding Student of the Year competition.  Mrs.

TCAT-Newbern Truck Driving Students Going to Work

Since inception in September 2015, the TCAT-Newbern Truck Driving program has had great success p

Dozier Family Presents Aron McGavok With HVAC Scholarship

Aron McGavok is chosen as the receipient of the annual Dozier HVAC Scholarship.

TCAT-Newbern Graduates First Injection Molding/Robotics Student

Matthew Smith becomes TCAT-Newbern’s first graduate of the Injection Molding/Robotics program located at the Bells Campus.

TBR reviews progress toward completion goals, approves compensation and capital budget plans at quarterly Board meeting

Members of the Tennessee Board of Regents discussed progress toward the system-wide completion go

Free online Advanced Placement exam prep courses available to students in TN, nationwide

More than 20,000 students across the country have already registered for free online preparation courses for Advanced Placement exams developed by faculty from the Tennessee Board of Regents, and enrollment continues.