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Tammy Adams Practical Nursing – Evening A.S.N.
John Akins Industrial Maintenance/Molding Instructor A.A.S
Veronica Allen-Broadnax Administrative Office Technology Instructor. Master - Human Resource Management Information Tech.  
Jasmine Alston-Young Pharmacy Technology Instructor  
Michael Atkins Computer Information Technology Corrections Instructor TCAT Diploma
Larry Autry Associate Instructor M.B.A.
Linda Autry Truck Driving TCAT Newbern Diploma
Patricia Avent Computer Information Technology Master Instructor, Bachelor Management Information System  
Christy Bailey Practical Nursing Instructor A.S.N.
Jason Binkley Student Support Specialist M.B.A.
Moneka Bonds Cosmetology Instructor B.I.S.
Patricia Bryant Custodial  
Rob Burg Student Success Specialist  
Alva Cabrera Truck Driving Academic Support Specialist  
Teresa Cantrell Dental Assisting Technology Instructor, Bachelor - Allied Health  
Amanda Capps Practical Nursing Instructor B.S.N. – University of Tennessee - Martin
Kelsey Chadwick Administrative Assistant to the President B.S.
Beverly Clay

Administrative Support Specialist

John Cloar Industrial Maintenance/Mechatronics Instructor United Electronic Institute-Louisville, KY, H.S. Diploma
Bridgette Cobb Practical Nursing Instructor B.S.N.
Sara Cooper Corrections Program Coordinator B.S.
Tyler Cox Industrial Maintenance Evening Instructor, Industrial Maintenance Diploma  
James Daniels Welding Instructor B.S. – Union University, CWI, CWE
Leah Dillon Dual Enrollment Welding Instructor - Ripley High School TCAT Diploma
Doug Davis Truck Driving High School Diploma
Jimmy Dawson Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning/Refrigeration, Instructor, HVAC Certification  
Kanisha Dawson Academic Student Support Associate  
Danny Echols Welding Instructor TCAT Diploma
Aaron Evans Dual Enrollment IM/Welding Instructor TCAT Diploma
Donita Foster Barbering Instructor Master Educator Cosmetology
Andrea Gammon GIVE 2.0 Project Director A.S.
Matthew Gann Associate Director of Digital Strategy  
Robert Louis Gaither Hybrid Electrical Vehicle Instructor, Auto Desk Engineering Certificate  
John Garrett HVACR Evening Instructor, TCAT HVAC Diploma  
Thomas Gitchell Building Construction Technology Instructor at WTSP State Tech Certificate
Doyle Hamilton Welding Technology Instructor, TCAT Welding Diploma  
Joseph Hardin Machine Tool Technology Dual Enrollment Instructor B.S.N.
Leticia Harris Practical Nursing Instructor  
Teresa Harris Practical Nursing Instructor (Day), B.S. Nursing  
Amanda Heath Vice President of College & Student Affairs  
Ashlee Henderson Dual Enrollment  
Austin Hopper Farming Operations Technology Instructor at Northwest Correctional Complex B.S.
Ricky Horton Computer Information Technology Instructor at Northwest Correctional Complex A.A.S
Robert Jackson Welding Technology – High School U.S. Army, Welding School
Debra Johnson Academic/Student Support 6  
Erma Johnson Custodial  
Pete Hudson Industrial Maintenance/Mechatronics Instructor A.A.S  – Dyersburg State Community College
Marcy Johnson Financial Support TCAT Certificate
Mark Jones Dual Enrollment Welding Instructor H.S. Diploma
Dr. Youlanda Jones President Ed.D.
Terrance Kempfer Diesel Powered Equipment Instructor TCAT Diploma-Newbern Diesel Powered
Equipment Technology Diploma
Andrew King Dual Enrollment/Public Information Recruitment Specialist  
Anita Langley Practical Nursing Instructor (Evening), M.S. Nursing  
Kelsey Latham Digital Agronomy/Farming Operations Technology Instructor  
Candida Lewis Financial Aid Specialist  
Erica Lippard Instructor LPN
Jeffrey Luther Truck Driving Instructor CDL
Grace Martin Career Pathways Specialist  
Donald Max Industrial Maintenance Day Instructor, Industrial Maintenance Diploma  
Curtis McLemore Machine Tool Technology Instructor MBA
Vicki Moody Cosmetology Day Instructor A.S. – Dyersburg State Community College
Kenneth Neville Industrial Maintenance Automation Instructor TCAT Certificate
Rebekah O'Brien Cosmetology Evening Instructor B.S.
William Ozment HVAC/R Technology Instructor HVAC Certification
Wendi Petges Academic/Student Support II  
William Plunk Industrial Maintenance/Mechatronics Evening Instructor H.S. Diploma
Vicky Prater Practical Nursing Instructor A.S.N.  – Dyersburg State Community College
JacQuene Rainey Vice President of Academic Affairs/Equity & Inclusion Officer Ed.D.
Todd Reeder Digital Agronomy/Farming Operations Technology Instructor  
Krystal Scheetz-Weldon Academic Student Support Specialist  
Brandon Sherron Truck Driving Instructor CDL
Christopher Sherron Machine Tool Instructor MT Certificate, TCAT-Newbern Machine Tool Technology Diploma
Chad Sipes Building Construction Technology Instructor B.S.
Erika Smith Director of Nursing and Allied Health  B.S.N.
Latia Smith Financial Support Specialist  
Constance Snyder Cosmetology – Evening High School Diploma
Amy Stephens Student Services Coordinator/Technology Foundations B.S.
Shannon Stewart Computer-Aided Design Instructor M.B.A – Bethel University
Daniel Taylor Computer Information Technology M.S. Ed, B.S. – Murray State University
Ashley Taylor Student Support Specialist TCAT Diploma
Shirley Taylor Custodial  
Charletta Thomas Student Support Specialist  
Michelle Walker Adult Education Instructor M.B.A
Timothy Walley Automotive Technology Instructor TCAT Diploma -Newbern Diesel Powered Equipment Technology, Diploma
John Weaver Automotive Technology Instructor, Automotive Technician Diploma  
Dottye Webb Lead Student Services Coordinator M.S.
Randy Wolf Facilities Support Associate  
Teresa Yates Financial Associate Support 7 TCAT Diploma
Allen Zarecor HVAC/R Instructor TCAT Diploma