Student Handbook

Military Mobilization of Eligible Students

Members of the United States Armed Services, National Guard, or Armed Forces Reserves receiving a WNTSG/TN PROMISE/TCAT RECONNECT who are mobilized for active duty during a term that is already in progress shall be granted a personal leave of absence and shall not have their eligibility negatively impacted.

The hours attempted during the term will not be taken into consideration for purposes of satisfactory progress for determining future eligibility of WNTSG/TNPROMISE/TCAT RECONNECT. The student’s WNTSG/TN PROMISE/TCAT RECONNECT eligibility will resume as if no break in enrollment has occurred if the student re-enrolls within one year following their return from the mobilization.

A student whose spouse, child, or parent is mobilized for active duty may also request a personal leave of absence.  The same provisions as above will apply in these situations.

Students requesting Military Mobilization LOA must do so through the Institutional Review Panel (IRP) using the TCAT Appeal/Leave of Absence Request form along with supporting documentation.  A student may submit a written request in advance for a leave of absence unless an unforeseen circumstance prevents the student from doing so. 

For all other financial aid programs, including Title IV and Veteran’s Education Benefits, the LOA will be treated as a withdrawal.  Accordingly, awards will be recalculated and in some cases a Return of Title IV funds calculation may be necessary.