Student Handbook

Tuition and Fee Assessment

Tuition and fees are assessed each term in accordance with an approved schedule for Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology. Maintenance Fees, also sometimes referred to as "tuition," are based upon the number of clock hours the student is scheduled to attend for the term, as outlined below for on-ground students. In addition to paying a Maintenance Fee each term, on-ground students must pay a Technology Access Fee and a Student Access Fee each term. Fees may be paid by cash, check, money order, or credit card or by charging against Financial Aid. No two-party checks or partial payments are accepted. All tuition and fees should be paid before registration day. Students may be counted absent until tuition and fees are paid. 

NOTE: Fees are subject to change without notice.

2023-2024 Tennessee College of Applied Technology Fee Schedule*
Trimester Hours Maintenance Fee Student Access Fee Technology Access Fee Trimester Total
1-40 $201 $10 $45 $256
41-80 $271 $10 $45 $326
81-135 $410 $10 $45 $465
136-217 $714 $10 $73 $797
218-340 $1,153 $10 $73 $1,236
341-432 $1,290 $10 $73 $1,373

*Does not include program-specific fees or textbook/supplies/tool costs.